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Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE "Max shine" 100 g. RDA ~ 130

Do you dream of a snow-white smile? After the first use of GLOBAL WHITE Whitening Max Shine toothpaste, your teeth will become much whiter! A complex of abrasives of 4 types of microparticles of various sizes will effectively eliminate plaque and protect against tartar formation, a natural lemon extract will lighten enamel. The fluoride complex will reduce the risk of tooth decay by 70%!

Hydrated Silica

Hydrated Silica is the main component of all GLOBAL WHITE toothpastes. Hydrated Silica has a high rate of cleanability with a low rate abrasion. Thus, silica promotes effective and at the same time gentle cleansing of plaque.

Active components

Four abrasive complex gently cleanses plaque on the enamel surface, leaving a feeling of perfect smoothness of your teeth

Fluoride complex prevents dental tartar formation

Lemon extract naturally and gently whitens the tooth enamel and strengthens the gums

Xylitol helps reduce cariogenic oral microorganisms

Four abrasive complex

The complex consists of 4 types of micro particles of various sizes which effectively remove plaque from the enamel surface. Well-polished enamel is a guarantee of natural whiteness of teeth since it protects them from dental tartar and caries.

Method of use

Brush teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. For achieving a better effect, it is recommended to use with Whitening mouthwash with Active Oxygen.