• Concentrated MOUTHWASH
  • Concentrated MOUTHWASH

Concentrated MOUTHWASH "White Teeth" + Water Flosser liquid 16.9 fl.oz

Do you use water flosser? Why not whiten your teeth at the same time? Water flosser rinse helps prevent the growth of microorganisms leading to plaque and tooth decay. Effectively whitens tooth enamel and gives freshness to breath! Due to the powerful bactericidal action of Biosol and the healing mineral Bischofite, the liquid has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Use also as a regular mouthrinse.Concentrate 1 bottle 16.9 fl.oz = 101 fl.oz.

How to use

* Mix in ratio of 1:5

*Pour into the water flosser tank or use as a mouthwash

* Rinse your mouth for 15 seconds and spit

* Use at least twice a day

* For daily use

* Use after a meal and toothbrushing.


Lysozyme provides gentle and efficient cleansing of teeth and gums. Keeps yyour smile brighter

Xylitol helps reduce risk of caries and tooth decay

Bischofite salt of the ancient sea, is a complex of minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, etc., which has antiseptic and strengthening effect

Menthol plant origin component provides fresh breath


Bischofite - a natural mineral. The component is balanced by nature itself and in composition far exceeds the known analogues: oceanic and sea salts, salts of the dead sea. Extracted in 100% natural state. Its most common use is as an anti-inflammatory agent for gum disease and as a prophylaxis.