• Refreshing Oral Spray
  • Refreshing Oral Spray

Refreshing Oral Spray

Always fresh breath! Business meeting? Romantic date? GLOBAL WHITE Refreshing Spray is a compact and convenient accessory that replaces 6 packs of chewing gum! Moisturizes the oral mucosa, eliminates bad breath after meals, tobacco, alcohol. Menthol gives your breath the aroma of freshness and coolness. Natural extracts of olive and parsley reduce the number of bacteria that cause bad breath, prevent tooth decay and inflammation in the gums.

Method of use

Spray in the mouth, by pressing the dispenser 1 – 2 times. Use after meals or in any situation when you need fresh breath.

Active components

Olive extract - one of the best absorbers of odors

Parsley extract eliminates bad breath and helps maintain fresh breath

Xylitol prevents the growth of cariogenic bacteria

Olive and parsley extracts

Natural olive and parsley extracts effectively breaks down the bacteria causing bad breath; have anti-caries action and prevent inflammatory processes. The freshness of the natural extracts easily eliminates the smell of onions, garlic, tobacco, alcohol.