• Dry Mouth Spray
  • Dry Mouth Spray
  • Dry Mouth Spray

Dry Mouth Spray

Dry mouth is not only discomfort, but also an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, ulcers in the oral cavity, diseases of the digestive system, bad breath. WATERDENT Moisturizing Spray helps to avoid these problems. Hyaluronic acid and panthenol moisturize the mucous membrane for a long time. Peony extract repairs the damaged mucous membrane.

Dry mouth and COVID-19

Doctors treating cases of COVID-19 identify dry mouth as a clear sign of coronavirus infection and recommend that mouth and throat should be constantly moisturized to prevent it from drying out. Link to the source *

WATERDENT Moisturizing Spray eliminates the lack of saliva and protects the oral mucosa.

Method of use

Spray in the mouth, by pressing the dispenser 1 – 2 times. Use after meals or when dry mouth feeling appears.

Active Components

  Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and helps reduce dry mouth feeling
  Peony Extract has beneficial effect on the oral cavity, helps to keep gums healthy
  Panthenol provitamin B5, has a moisturizing effect.
  Betaine softens the oral mucous membrane

In diabetes

Dry mouth is a common problem for people with diabetes. In diabetes, a sufficient amount of saliva, which plays an important role in washing off the remnants of food and bacteria from the surface of the teeth and neutralizing the acids contained in the oral cavity, is not secreted. Lack of saliva increases the risk of carious cavities and the development of gingivitis.

Moisturizing spray eliminates the problem of lack of saliva and protects the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.