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Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE "Gentle Whitening" 100 ml

Do you think whitening toothpastes are made for those with non-sensitive teeth? Now it’s different! A unique product for whitening sensitive teeth. No more obstacles to snow white smile! Natural enzymes gently split plaque on the enamel surface without causing any aggressive impact thereon. Active strengthening components reduce the sensitivity and restore the mineral balance of the enamel.

Active components

Natural papaya enzyme splits the protein structure of the plaque

Sensitive component reduces the sensitivity and strengthens the enamel

Vitamin С prevent inflammatory processes in dental cavity, improves metabolic processes

Xylitol helps suppress cariogenic oral microorganisms

Natural papaya enzyme

Natural enzyme synthesized from natural papaya fruits. Its main effect is aimed at splitting the daily protein plaque. In comparison to intensive whitening toothpastes, enzymatic whitening is gentler since there is no interaction between the enzyme and the enamel structure.

Method of use

Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. A small amount of tooth paste is enough. It is recommended to use GLOBAL WHITE Teeth Whitening Mouthwash to achieve a better result.