• Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE
  • Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE
  • Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE

Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE "Total protection" 100 ml

A unique composition of this toothpaste includes a combination of natural elements. A complex of wholesome minerals and vitamins restores the oral microelements balance. Hydroxyapatite helps fill micro-cracks, effectively reducing tooth sensitivity. Vitamin complex strengthens and tones the gums, prevents.

Active components

Hydroxyapatite fills micro-cracks and strengthens the enamel

Vitamins A, C, E prevent inflammatory processes in dental cavity and strengthen gums

Laminaria extract has a positive effect on oral tissues and improves metabolic processes

Xylitol helps suppress cariogenic oral microorganisms


Enamel comprises of 70% of hydroxyapatite. This mineral ensures a natural strengthening of the enamel. Teeth become more resistant to bacteria in dental cavity. Restoration of the mineral balance in tooth tissues accelerates the enamel whitening.

Method of use

Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. It is recommended to use GLOBAL WHITE Vitaminized Mouthwash to achieve a better result.