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  • Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE
  • Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE

Toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE "Natural whitening" 100 g. RDA ~ 120

Innovative toothpaste! For the first time the paste contains natural peppermint leaves. Combined with nettle, chamomile, cowberry and St. John’s wort extracts, they help combat bad breath and maintain fresh breath for a long time.

Hydrated Silica

Hydrated Silica is the main component of all GLOBAL WHITE toothpastes. Hydrated Silica has a high rate of cleanability with a low rate abrasion. Thus, silica promotes effective and at the same time gentle cleansing of plaque.

Active components

Natural abrasive polishing component provides effective cleansing of plaque

Natural mint leaves help fight bad breath

Six extracts complex forse enriched with vitamins A, B, K, C and microelements, that stimulate the regeneration processes in oral cavity, have a caring, soothing and toning action
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Natural peppermint leaves

The main cause of bad breath is the effect of cariogenic bacteria associated with poor oral care. Peppermint leaves is a natural antiseptic which gently and effectively breaks down microorganisms and gives a fresh breath for a long time.

Method of use

Brush teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. For achieving a better effect, it is recommended to use with Whitening mouthwash with Active Oxygen.