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  • Toothbrush Hard
  • Toothbrush Hard
  • Toothbrush Hard
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Toothbrush Hard

Number #1 toothbrush in intensive tooth whitening! Bright and ergonomic! Specially created bristles remove plaque and make teeth brighter effectively. Save your time on toothbrushing - a large area of the cleaning surface will allow you to brush your teeth 30% faster! German bristles thoroughly and gently clean your teeth and last longer. Choose your color. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use in combination with toothpaste GLOBAL WHITE.


High-tech patented Medex S ® Filaments bristles. Made in Germany


The rounded and polished ends of the bristles do not damage the enamel and do not injure the gums


Convenient handle made of hygienically safe PETG

Right toothbrush. What does it look like?

Focus on the fact that the head of the toothbrush should be about three teeth long . This size will allow it to penetrate into hard to get areas .

A toothbrush is considered the best, when all the bristles are collected in bunches and the tips are rounded . This form protects tooth enamel from damage.

Dentists are not recommend to buy a brush with natural bristles - it absorbs a large amount of moisture, bacteria reproduce better on such surface. Better choose artificial bristles.

Hard bristles ("Hard") are designed for people with a high tendency to plaque and tooth decay.

Toothbrush with medium bristles "Medium" have more flexible bristles that can gently clean the gingival sulcus and penetrate into the interdental spaces.

"Soft" brushes are suitable for the period of treatment of periodontal diseases. They are also suitable for children and pregnant women.