The Mini Flosser water flosser removes 99.9% of plaque, effectively cleans the interdental spaces and keeps your mouth healthy. The portable model is powered by a built-in battery. Compact size allows you to use the device in the office, travel, airplane.

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Portable water flosser WATERDENT

An ideal tool for interdental spaces, braces, dental pockets, implants and dentures cleaning. The water flosser will help keep oral health and prevent the growth of bacteria. You can fill the irrigator with plain water, however, dentists recommend: the liquid used in the irrigator should have therapeutic or prophylactic properties, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the irrigator!

Package Includes

* 150 ml water tank

* 2 jet tips

* Charger

* Travel case

Benefits of the WATERDENT water flosser

* High capacity of water tank volume

* Powerful battery lasts for a month without recharging

* 3 modes of comfort procedure

* Auto-off timer after 2 minutes

* Low noise

* Convenient way to fill with water

* Display with charge level indicator

* Case for storage and travel

Instructions for use

* Fill the water tank with liquid, place it on the base and fix tightly

* Select the tip and fasten it to the handle

* Place the tip in your mouth, bend over the sink and turn on the water flosser

* Choose the most comfortable water jet pressure level

* Begin treatment from the back of the jaw, stopping at the interdental spaces for better disinfection

* Continue until all areas around and between the teeth are clean

* Turn off the device, empty the tank (see instructions for the details)