Do you think that using of toothpaste is enough for teeth whiteness? Not exactly. An essential tool for oral care during the day is a mouthwash. It can be used as a separate product or irrigator liquid to provide professional dental care at home. The WATERDENT mouthwash is a multifunctional product and an excellent addition to daily teeth hygiene care to help whiten teeth in hard to reach areas of the oral cavity.

How to use

* Mix in ratio of 1:5

* Pour into the irrigator water tank or use as a mouthwash

* Rinse your mouth for 15 seconds and spit

* Use at least twice a day

* For daily use

* Use after a meal and toothbrushing

Active components

Chlorhexidine is a powerful antimicrobial component, has an anti-inflammatory effect

Xylitol has anti-caries action, reduces the number of cariogenic microorganisms, prevents the plaque formation

Bischofite (salt of the ancient sea) is a complex of minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, etc., which has antiseptic and strengthening effect


WATERDENT products are certified and meet the requirements of the Customs Union. The Antibacterial Complex Mouthwash is developed in accordance with the regulations adopted in Russia and the Customs Union and is safe to use.


Bischofite is a natural mineral consisting of a magnesium chloride complex, as well as iodine, bromine and iron. The component is balanced by nature itself. Its composition far exceeds the known analogues: oceanic and sea salts, salts of the dead sea. Its most common use is as an anti-inflammatory agent for gum disease and as a dental disease prevention.