Vitaminized Mouthwash Fruit Freshness

A necessary product for daily oral care. The mouthwash gets into hard to reach areas of the mouth, perfectly complements the effect of the use of toothpaste. Calcium glycerophosphate is conducive to active remineralization of the enamel. Vitamin C combined with panthenol has a positive effect on the oral tissues, enhancing metabolism.

Method of use

Carefully rinse your mouth for 15 seconds. It is recommended to use at least twice a day. Suitable for daily use. It is recommended to use the mouthwash after meal and after tooth brushing.

Active components

Calcium glycerophosphate strengthens the enamel and activates remineralization processes

Vitamin C strengthens gums and reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria

Panthenol moisturizes oral mucosa

Biosol has a powerful bactericidal effect in the oral cavity

Calcium glycerophosphate

The combination of calcium and phosphorus ions restores the natural mineral balance, protects the enamel against the effect of acids in oral cavity. The component is indispensable in the early stages of caries.