Extra Whitening Mouthwash

2x effect for your teeth whiteness! The unique Extra Whitening Mouthwash combines two powerful components - charcoal and active oxygen! Charcoal draws toxins out of the enamel. Active oxygen bleaches dark pigments. An excellent addition to daily teeth hygiene care to help whiten teeth in hard to reach areas of the oral cavity.



Bamboo charcoal together with Active Oxygen has a double effect on the pigments inside the enamel, accelerating the teeth whitening process.

How to use

Carefully rinse your mouth for 15 seconds. It is recommended to use at least twice a day. Perfect for daily use. Mouth rinse is recommended after a meal and toothbrushing.

Active components

Charcoal draws toxins out of the enamel, removes plaque

Lemon extract whitens tooth enamel, has a tonic effect on the gums

Xylitol prevents growth of the cariogenic bacteria

Active oxygen discolors dark pigments that affect enamel color