An excellent and effective solution for those who lead an active lifestyle and care about the teeth cleanliness. Thick foam cleanses daily plaque that occurs after a meal, even in the hard to reach areas of the oral cavity. The taste of refreshing mint won’t allow connoisseur to stay indifferent. For foam using, you do not need a toothbrush and water. Perfect for those who have braces or other orthodontic constructions.

Method of use

Press the dispenser 2 – 3 times

Spread foam in the mouth

Rinse for 15-20 seconds

Then spit


Aminofluoride provides long-lasting fluoride enamel protection and anti-caries effect

Polyvinylpyrrolidone prevents the formation of soft plaque

Xylitol prevents tooth decay

Bisabolol, chamomile extract, sea buckthorn extract have a calming and nourishing effect

Amine Fluoride

It creates a film on the surface of the tooth that is resistant to saliva action and remains on the teeth surface and soft tissues, providing long-lasting fluoride enamel protection and anti-caries effect.


WATERDENT products are certified and meet the requirements of the Customs Union. The Strengthening foam is developed in accordance with the regulations adopted in Russia and the Customs Union and is safe to use.