Teeth Whitening Foam Fruit Ice

An excellent and effective solution for people who lead an active lifestyle and take care of their teeth. Thick foam cleans plaque daily after meals even in the most hard-to-reach areas of oral cavity. The taste of refreshing mint is sure to impress connoisseurs of classical freshness. You do not need tooth brush or water to use the foam. It is perfect for people wearing braces or other orthodontic structures.

Active components

Active oxygen bleaches out dark pigments affecting the color of enamel

Mineral complex (sodium chloride, sodium citrate, magnesium sulfate) is conducive to remineralization of tooth enamel

Method of use

Press the dispenser 2 – 3 times, spread foam in the mouth and rinse for 15-20 seconds. Then spit.

Active oxygen

Active oxygen bleaches out pigments affecting the color of the enamel and splits soft plaque occurring after meals. It inhibits the effect of anaerobic microflora of dental cavity and saturates tissues with oxygen improves dental metabolism.