About us

TM Global White is a leading developer
and manufacturer of teeth whitening products


2010Commencing our work on making the idea of teeth whitening available to everyone a reality.

2011thorough research of samples of teeth whitening products from all over the world to create the most effective and safe formulas for teeth whitening at home. About 600 samples of the first whitening toothpaste had been tested.

2012release of the first domestic whitening gel. The range extended up to 12 basic products for effective and careful teeth whitening at home.

2013Results of the first clinical trials of CLEANDERMA Test Laboratory proving the efficiency of the teeth whitening system. Teeth are whiter by 3 shades in 1 week of regular use and by 4 shades in two weeks.

2014Teeth whitening available in 30 Russian regions in pharmacies and dental rooms.

2016Expansion into new markets, signing contracts with major network hypermarkets.


Our partners help implement our mission.



We work so that everyone could have a snow white, attractive smile with little effort and at little expense. Our company's success is in the hands of a friendly team of like-minded people. If you share our values, we are waiting for you!